About us

The Group structure dedicated to the sustainable cities and territories

Our mission:

Support local actors (private or public) by offering innovative and practical solutions, for a sustainable development of cities and territories

2ei veolia conseil & innovation ville durable

This partnership approach aims to meet all the challenges of sustainable cities including:
  • The preservation, recycling and recovery of resources across the territory (circular economy)
  • The support of social entrepreneurship in communities (social economy)
  • The development of digital urban services (smart city)
  • The territorial dynamics especially through modeling tools to support decision making
  • The territories’ energy transition
  • The resilience and adaptation to climate change
  • The urban biodiversity and nature in the city
  • The quality of life

Our culture of urban innovation relies on the expertise of Veolia, world leader in environmental services. It also relies on our understanding of urban development issues acquired in the context of consulting assignments for sustainable city stakeholders.

2EI is composed of a consultancy function that is enriched through its participation in innovative services experimentations. This positions 2EI as a unique structure capable of driving innovation in the field of Urban Services and its development with the city actors.

On a daily basis, the Innovation Project Directors are developing innovative urban services experimentations, while about fifteen Consulting Project Managers ensure the spreading of innovation by being force proposal on innovative solutions to their clients.