Sustainable City Consulting

Our missions

The Consulting department supports urban and territorial projects stakeholders  in the definition and implementation of their sustainable development strategies.
Our multidisciplinary team works on the environmental, technical, economic and social aspects of sustainable city development with a systemic and overall cost approach.
The Consulting Department works closely with 2EI’s Innovation team, as well as the Innovation & Markets and Technical & Performance departments of Veolia. it also benefits from the Group's experience in the range of solutions deployed by its different business units.
This expertise together with this experience guaranties the achievement of an ambitious and realistic level of environmental and social performance.
The Consulting Department operatesin France and across the world, for public customers (local authorities, developers) in procurement procedures or for private clients (real estate companies, lessors, developers etc.).
Our Consulting Department works individually or in a team, especially with architects and urban planner, our most privileged partners.

The Consulting Department works on 4 main types of projects:

  • Contracting authorities support for environmental and sustainable development projects (urban development zones, eco districts, business parks, multimodal hub, urban renewal, etc.)
  • Consulting in sustainable strategies on a territorial scale (smart grids, industrial ecology, vulnerability assessment, territorial energy & climate plans, blue & green corridors, etc.)
  • Focused expertise, in calls for proposals or national competitions.
  • The participation in innovative services experimentations, in collaboration with the Innovation department.

The main themes and issues we work on:

  • Energy transition
  • Preservation of water resources
  • Waste Recycling and recovery
  • Industrial and territorial ecology
  • Urban Biodiversity
  • Soft mobility
  • Social economy
  • ​​Smart Services

Our team is composed of  multidisciplinary experts who can assist you in your urban and territorial sustainable development projects.
Discover our references on different types of missions in the field of sustainable cities.
The team has developed a suite of decision-making tools called Key2 "The keys to a Sustainable City".