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2EI combines the responsiveness and flexibility of a multidisciplinary team, with the world-renowned expertise of Veolia. The company is made of 2 departments : Consulting and Innovation.
Eric Lesueur chief executive officer 2EI Veolia Eric Lesueur chief executive officer 2EI Veolia
Eric Lesueur is CEO of 2EI and assures since 2009 the management of the Consulting and Innovation departments. As such, he has put in place a social entrepreneurship strategy and developed the sustainable urban development business within Veolia. 
In 1998 when he joined Veolia, he implemented an environmental management sys­tem in his capacity as Assistant Director of Re­search and Development. Previously, he managed a studies firm specializing in the recycling of household waste.
Eric Lesueur is an engineer with a degree from École polytechnique.

  • Eric Hestin
    Eric HESTIN Deputy Director He manages the Consultancy Department operational teams along with Eric Lesueur. As such, he assures the performance and success of all the missions of the firm.
    He is a part of Veolia group since 1996 and he has managed projects and entities dedicated to the design, construction and rehabilitation of key spatial planning infrastructures in Europe (France, England), Asia (Cambodia, Philippines) and Australia.
    He has an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique and Ponts et Chaussées.
  • Maud TRIAUD
    Maud TRIAUD Performance Improvement - Senior Associate, Expert in Energy Project manager at the consulting department of 2EI, Maud Triaud manages contracting authority assistance missions as well as technical studies in France and across the world (Chile, Mexico, Morocco). She puts her thermal engineer competences and bioclimatic experience into contribution in helping urban planning project initiators develop their environmental strategy. Among the 2EI team, Maud particularly leads the subject of energy supply optimization. She's been part of the "Performance Improvement" team projects associated with the successful deployement of innovative hypervision tools within the Water Companies in France.

    Ecole Centrale Lyon Alumini, Maud joined 2EI after working for Dalkia UK in the maintenance of cogeneration facilities, and then as project manager with a specialized consultancy firm in building energy control.
  • Camille Grandet
    Camille GRANDET Technical Manager As Technical Manager since 2013, Camille supports 2EI’s project managers on missions and bids, and manages the capitalization and sharing of know-how and experience feedbacks. After a first experience in Veolia Water’s Technical Department, Camille joined 2EI in 2009 to help urban project developers and contracting authorities develop their sustainability strategy for international mix-used development projects of various scales. Camille also provides environmental design expertise within project management teams.

    He has an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale (Lille) and MSc. From the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
  • Julien GRIMAUD
    Julien GRIMAUD Project Manager - Expert in Waste Management Julien Grimaud is a chemical engineer and project manager at 2EI Consulting. He works on the definition of waste management solutions in urban planning projects in France and worldwide (Latin America, South Korea). He has developed a strong expertise in waste & water management during his different missions in France and the USA within Veolia subsidiaries. He has also developed deep knowledge in environmental footprint, by deploying decision making tools based on carbon and water footprint for the group facilities or for our municipal clients.

    Julien has graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Clermont-Ferrand and he has been working within Veolia since 2005.
  • Nicolas TERZIAN
    Nicolas TERZIAN Project Manager - Expert in Industrial Symbiosis Nicolas is a project manager specialist in industrial ecology and the deployment of digital service offers. At 2EI, he participates in various missions accompanying clients to their sustainable urban planning projects. He is also involved in specific studies and demonstration projects. Having a significant experience in group Veolia, he has held team and project management positions that gave him a global and operational vision.

    He is an Environmental Engineer graduated from ENSIL and with a Master degree "Management and Engineering in Environmental Services" " (from Institut de l'Environnement Urbain/ENPC/Universités Marne-la-Vallée & Cergy-Pontoise), where Nicolas Terzian has developed transversal knowledge in all the environmental fields (water, waste, energy...). 
  • Cingy Vingadassamy
    Cindy VINGADASSAMY Assistant Cingy Vingadassamy is a part of our team since 2010. She assures the coordination within the Consultancy Department as well as the preparation of candidatures for public contracts. Cindy also participate to the administrative tasks in the company.
  • Mathieu TOLIAN
    Mathieu TOLIAN Business Development Manager Mathieu Tolian is in charge of business development at 2EI’s Consulting department. As a part of the

    Veolia Group since 2002, he has a solid background on environmental issues of urban development projects. He managed the environmental indicators definition and Reporting tool development for the whole Group. He also led the Ecosystem & Biodiversity Strategy for the water activities. He has a Master degree in Water Treatment and Quality (Hydro-ecology) and master degree in QSE Management.
    Fabien VERFAILLIE Project Manager - Expert in Biodiversity An expert in flora and fauna, with solid theoretical and practical naturalistic competences, Fabien Verfaillie is a project manager developing a cross-sectional approach in terms of ecology applied to urban development for 2EI.

    Graduate from the National natural History Museum in "Fauna & Flora Expertise" and holder of a PhD in Ecology he has been doing research for Veolia for three years, he examined the methodological approaches available for assessing biodiversity and biodiversity services in urban areas. He is also experienced in three European programs (Interreg, Leader+ and LIFE+) for which he has worked on sustainable and participatory management of recreational seafood hand harvesting, the connection between biodiversity and agrosystems and the management of estuarine areas.
  • Stéphanie ZABA
    Stéphanie ZABA Project Manager - Expert in ecosystem and water management Stephanie has developped an expertise on ecosystems management promoting implementation of environmental solutions in urban areas. She has worked on different assessment tools related to biodiversity, stormwater management, design of green infrastructures and monitoring water consumption. She is also in charge of the integration of sustainable development issues in all construction and renovation urban projects.

    She has an engineering degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie et Industries Alimentaires, Nancy. Both her agronomical cursus focusing on soil's science and her work on constructed wetlands in a bioressource engineering research department allow her to have a global vision about interactions between ecosystems and their management.
  • Manon ALBAREDE
    Manon ALBAREDE Project Manager - Expert in Urban planning and Energy An energy and urban planning specialist at different scales (land, district, building), Manon Albarède participates in various missions at 2EI in order to help urban planning actors develop their projects' environmental strategy.

    Ecole Centrale Lyon and KTH Alumni, Manon has joined 2EI after working for a design and environmental engineering agency where she acquired knowledge about the urban planning world and developped cross-disciplinary skills in sustainable development.
  • Seav Er
    Seav Er HUY Project Manager - Expert in Energy Project engineer at the consulting department of 2EI, Seav Er HUY is an expert in the Energy field, dealing with different missions such as study of potentials for renewable and recovery energy. He also participates actively in improving intern calculation tools, for instance Key 2 Energie Quartier.

    A graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines Paris in energy of the 21st century, he is particularly interested in the energy efficiency and supplies issues in sustainable approaches.
  • Sandrine DUBUC
    Sandrine DUBUC Performance Improvement - Implementation Manager Sandrine supports the implementation of initiatives dedicated to performance improvement, within Veolia operations and with our external partners.

    She has gained experience in North America where she worked collaboratively with water utilities, with the objective to implement a performance transformation and enhance their operational efficiency. Developing change management skills, she led several initiatives in the New-York project that enabled the City to save millions of dollars but also participated in similar projects with other large utilities such as Los Angeles, Washington DC and Detroit.

    Previously, she worked for 8 years in engineering consulting groups, in France and overseas on large scale projects. As a hydraulic engineer and a project manager, she has an international experience in +20 countries in water supply and wastewater management working with international funding agencies (World Bank, European Investment Bank...). The projects she led included strategic planning, master plans, investment plans for the water sector as well as design and hydraulic calculations.

    She graduated from a French engineering school ENSEEIHT with a Master of Science and from Columbia University with a certificate in Sustainability Management.
  • Benoit Ringot
    Benoît RINGOT Project Director Benoit Ringot is Projects Director in the Innovation department of 2EI . He is in charge of incubation of new offers for Veolia businesses, focused on social issues. For instance, he is leading a social startup program in Mexico City, Lyon and Toulouse for entrepreneurs who start social businesses related to Veolia local activities. Since 2008, Benoit is in charge of Grameen Veolia Water developments in Bangladesh: a water production and distribution company focused on poor rural areas of Bangladesh.

    Benoit got a pre-doctoral degree in Environmental sciences (Université Aix Marseille) and a Master in Science in sustainable development management at HEC (Paris).
  • Philippe MAILLARD
    Philippe MAILLARD Project Director Philippe Maillard is a project director in the Innovation department of 2EI since 2009. The services he develops concern mainly the digital solutions, such as the urban monitoring, the follow up of energy and water consumption of households, the climate adaptation of cities against urban heat islands and decision support systems on climate plans.
    After an engineering degree from the Technology University of Compiègne, he has a 15 years’ experience at Soretel engineering, specialized in innovation solutions development in various fields such as climatic engineering, industrial usages and even waste treatment. In 2002 he joined Dalkia to manage important projects on community and industrial services in the Central Mediterranean region. 
  • Catherine Savart
    Cathérine SAVART Project Director Catherine SAVART is currently Project Director in the Innovation department of 2EI , in charge of developing and testing new services and offers, in order to accompany cities and territories in their urban sustainable development strategies.
    Senior manager in the field of urban services, she particularly works on territorial strategies subjects and projects related to urban dynamics and resources preservation (water, land, nature and biodiversity in cities). To this end, she initiates and builds partnerships with economic, and institutional actors, with academics and NGOs in France and abroad, aiming at developing commercial solutions addressing cities’ stakes.
    She represents Veolia in various national committees on sustainable and smart cities  (CGDD, IVD, GAIT, AFEP…) and coordinates  Veolia’s actions in the framework of  VIVAPOLIS‘ international initiatives and of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  She gave a lecture in the Integrated Urban Development Training Program co-organized by AFD and Singapore Cooperation Program  dedicated to decision-makers of the 25 biggest south-east Asia cities.

    She previously held various positions in the Group, from research and development department as Project Manager in water resources and urban systems management, to Ile de France Veolia’s business unit as Innovation Coordinator.
    She has a Master 1 in Management of Urban and Natural Spaces (University Paris  Jussieu) and a  Master 2 in Naturel Hazards and Resources (University Lille 1) .
    Joël BOUFFARD Project Manager Joël BOUFFARD is a project manager at the Innovation department of 2EI. He is specialized in “smarts cities”. He manages projects in the fields of urban monitoring and ​Citizen Utilities Savings Coaching Service.

    Graduated in Environmental sciences (pre-doctoral degree) and Business School ESC La Rochelle (master degree). He started his career in environmental research for University of La Rochelle and joined Veolia Water in 2002 as a project engineer and commercial development. 
  • Jean-Marc Bourquinel
    Jean-Marc BOURNIQUEL Business Development Director Jean-Marc BOURNIQUEL is a Business Development Director at the Innovation Department. He takes, with partners, customers and business units, the actions needed to develop the innovative solutions incubated within Innovation Departement Engineer in the field of water and environment. After a stint in the public services of the state and local authorities where he acquired a good knowledge of the public engineering missions issues, he joined Veolia in 1994 . Various commercial and operational functions carried out in France in the field of management of water and sanitation services, have enabled him to enrich the knowledge of the public actors of the territory and their expectations in terms of innovation.
  • Valérie Jadot
    Valérie JADOT Project Manager Valerie is a Project Manager in the Innovation Department of 2EI Veolia. She is involved in developing innovative social projects. She also takes part in the external and internal communication with the new business models. She is most particularly focused on setting up social incubators. Previously Valérie spent two years in Bangladesh in the "social business" Grameen Veolia Water. Co founded with the Nobel Peace Price Muhammad Yunus, this joint venture aims at providing access to drinkable water in rural area.

    Valérie studied at Essec Business School, Valérie specialized in Social Entrepreneurship. She joined the Group in 2013 straigt after her graduation.
  • Dominique Gérard
    Dominique GERARD Assistant Cingy Vingadassamy assures the coordination within the Innovation Department and also participate to the administrative tasks in the company.