Sustainable City Innovation

Our missions

The Innovation Department’s objective is to conceive and develop new service offerings for the city and the territory, by designing and implementing innovative solutions experimentations.
The optimal project management of the experimentations guarantees the efficiency and the availability of necessary resources. The projects are built in collaboration with a business unit of Veolia, and a partnership is established with a municipality. By hosting such initiatives on their territory, the municipality is positioned as an actor of innovation, having positive effect on local economic attractiveness. True pioneers, these municipalities are the first to deploy the new services from these experimentations to better meet the needs of their citizens.
With our cooperation, these experimentations generally benefit from institutional support such as:
  • Eco-City features the Ministry of Housing, Equality of Territories and Rural Policy,
  • Horizon 2020, the research and innovation program of the European Union,
These experimentations intend to test innovations in real conditions and to define and validate the technical, economic and contractual settings necessary for their deployment. These innovations are often built in partnership with other territorial actors (NGO’s, Public Authorities, private sector). Thus, the economic model is co-constructed in order to ensure shared value creation.
The developed solutions address:
  • Operational efficiency increase of urban services
  • The creation of additional value on existing urban services
  • The search for synergies between activities (water/energy, water/waste, waste/energy)
  • The end-user involvement in the services and the consideration of their expectations
  • The assistance in the development of social entrepreneurship, in line with our business (social entrepreneurship incubators)
  • The development of tools and methods for the definition of territorial strategies and urban projects
For the implementation of these experimentations, the Innovation Department relies on the Consulting Department, and benefits from its field experience in urban planning and territorial strategies.
With this recognized know-how, the Innovation Department also participates on behalf of Veolia, in initiatives and reflections on sustainable cities launched by the public, private and associative actors in France and in the World (France Nature Environnement - FNE, Palladio Foundation, ...)